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Check up on the ever fluctuating card prices, and learn about value trends and hot cards at MTG Stocks 

Need help BREWING?  try our resident Vigor expert, Collin Delphia's FATESEAL (the best), MTGTop8Top DecksBrainstorm Brewery and the MTG database The Gatherer

Need practice for that upcoming DRAFT?  try Bestiaire Free Draft Practice 

Curious about weird, old, misprinted and other interesting cards?  check out the Misprint GuyMagic Librarities, and Squt's

Is your DECK LEGAL?  check the Banned/Restricted List on Wizards of the Coast to see  

And for RULES and RULINGS, check MTG Salvation Wiki or The Gatherer

SPOILER ALERT!!!  our favorite site for spoilers is Mythic Spoiler 

Our friend Doug Shute at Victory Condition Gaming streams a lot of live coverage of games, Golem Arcana in particular.  You can watch some here (youtube channel), here (livestream channel), and here (twitch channel)

Are you a game designer looking for art and graphics for your game or website?  check out our friend Jason Greeno's website, Gamedesignmarket for all your needs.



The Legion Builder!  Here it is.





Heroclix player?  Check out these great sites for strategy, information, upcoming products, and more!

Heroclix World 




 Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition players, check out organized play at the D&D Adventurer's League 




Check out all the miniatures in this great line at the Pathfinder Battles Gallery