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Grading Policy


    NEAR MINT (NM) to Mint: This card will be close to perfect, but will have one or possibly several minor imperfections such as one or several small chips or white marks along the edge, or occasionally one or several small, very light face marks noticeable only in bright light and at the correct angle. Its corners will be crisp and the card will have a bright, new card shine to its finish, showing no scuffs or noticeable whitening of any kind on its faces. The card will be very well-centered if not perfectly-centered and will obviously have no bends, creases, tears, or writing on it.
    LIGHTLY PLAYED (LP): At best, this card will be very close to NM to mint, but will have a few too many marks to qualify for that grade. At worse, the card will have slight whitening around its edges and although the faces of the card will still be pretty clean, there may be one or several very small, light scuffs or marks, and the finish probably won't have the new card glossy look. The card may or may not require a sleeve to conceal the marks in play. There will be no bends, creases, tears, or writing on the card.
    MODERATELY PLAYED (MP): This card will have a fair amount of whitening and chipping all around the edges, and more significant scuffing on the faces.  there will be no writing on the card, no major creasing or bending or any other major damage present.  It will require a sleeve to conceal marks in play.
    HEAVILY PLAYED (HP): This card has heavy whitening all around its edges and/or a significant number of scuffs and marks on its face or faces. It will require a sleeve to conceal marks in play.
    POOR: Everything else-I don't sell many of these. The card can only be played in a sleeve. It is heavily worn with large amounts of edge wear and scuffing and marking completely or almost covering its face or faces. It may also have a bend, crease tear, or ink touch-ups. I will usually describe the specific problems in the auction description for any card that is graded poor.


    NEAR MINT with CARD: The miniature may or may not be bagged, but will be in excellent, like-new condition (i.e. no broken pieces, significant scratches, paint alterations).  The stat card will be present (unless the product in question doesn't use stat cards).
    NM without CARD: Exactly the same as above, except the stat card will be missing.


    NEW: This product is brand new and still in its original shrink wrap and packaging (unless it wasn't shrink-wrapped originally).
    LIKE NEW: This product has been opened but rarely, if ever, used, and shows no signs of damage or age.  It's possibly the same as "new" except the original shrink wrap has been removed.
    LIGHTLY PLAYED: This product shows some signs of light use, but is still in excellent condition.
    HEAVILY PLAYED: This product is noticeably worn and significantly used, and may have a small amount of writing on pages.
    POOR: This product has heavily creased and torn pages and components, and may have other damage, such as water stains or a large amount of writing on the pages.