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A Game of Thrones RPG: Deluxe Limited Edition hardcover rulebook

A Game of Thrones RPG: Deluxe Limited Edition hardcover rulebook

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Rich color printing on premium-quality paper.
Stunning artwork and graphic design by a team of exceptionally talented artists.
Poster-sized color pull-out map of the Westeros continent.
Durable Smyth sewn binding that lets the book lay open flat on any page.
Compatibility with the world's largest fantasy RPG.
Exclusive never-before-revealed information about the kingdoms of Westeros from Martin's personal notes.
Eight new core classes: Artisan, Godsworn, Hunter, Knave, Maester, Man-at-arms, Noble, Raider.
Eight new prestige classes: Bloodrider, Brother of the Kingsguard, Commander, Knight, Night's Watch Ranger, Night's Watch Steward, Spy, Water Dancer.
New character creation option, including Backgrounds, House Affiliations, Background and Legendary Feats, and Defects.
New d20 rules and adaptations that reflect the grittiness and majesty of the novel series.
Innovative social interaction mechanics using Reputation and Influence ratings.
Extensive equipment options, player advice, and GMing suggestions.
Exhaustive and comprehensive resource section about the world as presented in A Game of Thrones, including historical notes, Noble house analysis, character profiles, and setting details.

This mammoth 576-page Deluxe Limited Edition has all the benefits of the d20-Based Edition, plus additional benefits:

Individually numbered and limited to only 2500 copies.
Foil-embossed leatherette hardcover depicting the Stark's direwolf banner.
An exquisite dust jacket featuring art by Mike S. Miller (The Hedge Knight).
An oversized cloth bookmark.
Beautiful silver gilding on all edges.
An exclusive interview with George R. R. Martin.
A 70-page appendix that presents the complete Tri-Stat System as an alternate rule mechanic (it's like getting two games in one!).

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