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About Us

Brap's Magic is an online and local gaming store and event center, striving to provide great service and pricing, and an inclusive, friendly gaming space.
We want to continue to provide games and gaming supplies with top-notch service, selection, and pricing both locally and world-wide. We also strive to build an inclusive, friendly community of gamers, playing games of all kinds. GAMES CAN SAVE THE WORLD!  Well, maybe not, but they can make a big difference.
Brap's Magic offers a selection of games and gaming supplies with an emphasis on Magic the Gathering cards, board games, RPGs, miniatures, and accessories. We also run events (sanctioned Magic: the Gathering, board games, RPGs, and others) at our retail store.

Thursday, Friday 2-6

Saturday: 12-5

    We're also open for business during all events.