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Summer Edgar misprint Stream of Life

Summer Edgar misprint Stream of Life

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The “Edgar Summer Edition” 1994 MTG

The printing of the 1994 Revised Edition of MTG resulted in a number of problems, including  washed-out colors, or too-dark colors on certain cards and several artist name errors.

A “Summer Edition” of the Revised set was printed to fix the problems with the original Revised Edition, code-named “Edgar” for the letter “E” appearing on some of the booster packs.  The most distinguishing feature of this “Summer Edition” is the 1994 copyright date printed on the cards right next to the artist name.  This copyright date is not shown on the regular Revised Edition cards.  

A totally new error occurred with color mis-prints such as the normally green “Hurricane” card that was accidentally printed with a blue border surrounding the picture.  Additional errors included too-dark of colors and washed-out colors, and artist name errors also continued.  Due to these problems, the whole print run was recalled and destroyed, with only a few booster boxes surviving.

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