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Warmachine: PRESALE Retribution of Scyrah Dawnguard Sentinels Unit (12) (plastic) Privateer

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Unplayed Figure in Box, 4 in-stock
$40.99 ea


miniatures supplied unpainted and may require some assembly.

ATTENTION: This is a presale item and will not be available for pickup or shipment until the release date of ? (release dates AND pricing* are subject to change). All presale items will ship within 1 business day of the product's street release date. Any order containing both preorder items and non-preorder items will ship together when the preorder items become available.

*not often, but occasionally, the manufacturer increases the cost of certain products. in the case of this happening, I will refund you the original price + s/h and give you the option of reordering at the new price. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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