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Games and Gears: PRESALE Katana Freehand Brush

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Precision focus design. Innovation at its best.
- Great correcter brush
- Amazing for detail work
Always wanted to do infantry and vehicle markings? Wanted to do tattoo's or war glyph's/paint on miniatures with intricate design. We have developed the Katana Free Hand Brush. Your essential tool to freehand painting without all the headache. Want to do some decent squad markings? Base markings? You no longer need to be super pro painter to do it with great effect. This new revolutionary tool is designed to allow you to do freehand painting! Now more of us can do what the experts can do and make it look good!

ATTENTION: This is a presale item and will not be available for pickup or shipment until the release date of ? (release dates AND pricing* are subject to change). All presale items will ship within 1 business day of the product's street release date. Any order containing both preorder items and non-preorder items will ship together when the preorder items become available.

*not often, but occasionally, the manufacturer increases the cost of certain products. in the case of this happening, I will refund you the original price + s/h and give you the option of reordering at the new price. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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